Planning a Spring Break Vacation

 volleyball gameItís not long after Christmas that the natives begin getting restless. The winter months drag on slowly and high-school seniors and college students are looking forward to spring break, when they can get away, cut loose, and socialize.

Spring break vacation is not just for students though; itís for families too. Itís a great time celebrate the upcoming season and take a vacation before students hit the books for their final exams. Not everyone has the same idea for rest and relaxation so who you decide to go with is crucial to the success of your trip.

Organize a Group

Try to keep the size of your group reasonable. If many of you plan on going, split up into small groups of four to five. This can help avoid conflicts that are more likely to happen in larger groups when it comes time to plan the itinerary. Not everyone is going to agree all of the time. Make sure you all communicate and make an effort to compromise. For safety purposes, itís important to stick together. If you think thereís going to be a party-pooper in the crowd, let them know what activities you wish to participate in and give them the opportunity to back out graciously.

When to Plan Your Trip

Travel picks up in March and things get booked quickly. Donít wait until the last minute to begin planning your spring fling. If you want to take a trip, you need to see a travel agent, book your hotel, and get tickets to events as early as January or February. This includes bookings for everyone in your group and you can often save money on plane fare, lodging, and package deals by being the early bird. Just donít underestimate the cost of food and entertainment, which is usually much higher near tourist attractions.

Make sure everyone can afford the vacation or you may need to back down and take a more modest trip. Of course, the longer the vacation, the more expensive it will be. Check the prices in advance and make sure everyone agrees on how long youíll be staying.


So where are you going? Daytona Beach? Panama City? Cancun? Acapulco? Depending on where you live, you might want a change of pace. Most people picture beaches, and tropical climates as the ideal destinations for spring break and theyíre certainly the most popular, however, there are many other options. If you want to do more than party, wear a bikini, and attend wet tee-shirt contests, consider sports. Friends and family can head to the mountains for skiing or go camping near a lake where you can fish, swim, or water ski. If youíre short on funds, plan a picnic or party nearby, and have everyone pitch in for decorations, food, and drinks.


Before you leave for your vacation, verify all of your reservations to avoid last minute changes or hassles. Save money by packing essentials such as shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, and sunglasses. If you buy these items after you reach your destination, youíll probably be paying much more than necessary. Check weather forecasts and take clothing for adverse weather conditions. Things do not always go as planned. The more prepared you are, the more youíll enjoy spring break.