Planning a Back-to-School Party

booksA back-to-school party is one way to reunite classmates and promote enthusiasm for the upcoming school year. Itís also a great way to introduce new kids and help them make friends. This will ease their apprehension and make them more comfortable about school starting.

If you're a mom, you can plan the party in your home or backyard with a fun school theme. Teachers may want to have it in the classroom on one of the first days of school. To break the ice, arrange some games and activities that require interaction. Below are several ideas for invitations, food, and activities to make your party a big hit.


For a party that is going to be held before school starts, you will need to send individual invitations or make some phone calls. If depends on the situation. It's a good idea to contact the school or teacher to see if there will be any new children in the class because it would be a shame to overlook anyone, particularly a child who would greatly benefit from a back-to-school party. Teachers may opt to have a surprise party or put up a flyer where everyone can see it.

Make the invitations enticing. Besides the pertinent information, add fun tidbits about the party. Include the itinerary and a quick note about refreshments you will serve. For the best possible turn-out, try to have your party close to the first day of school because many families are still on vacation up until the new school year begins.

Food & Refreshments

Kids aren't too difficult to please if you stick with party favorites such as cookies, cupcakes, cake, or brownies. If you want to serve a meal, plan the party around lunch or supper time. Otherwise, some simple snacks will keep them happy. A healthy menu with fresh fruit is a nice alternative to sweets and promotes better choices when it comes to snacks and mealtime.

Serve lemonade, Kool Aid, soda, or homemade punch to wash down the food. Juice boxes and small milk cartons are appropriate for a back-to-school theme and are less likely to spill. If you have a hankering for ice cream, a milkshake or malt is perfect for a warm day... a real treat! However, it's not likely to quench real thirst, so you will probably still need to provide another drink, especially if the kids are participating in physical activity.

Party Activities

Not sure what gamews to play at your back-to-school party? The activities you choose will depend on where your party is being held, how many guests will be attending, and how physical you want the games to be. If you opt for some physical activity, make sure there's plenty of space and an overall safe environment. Peruse our lists for outdoor games and races for more ideas and basic rules.

There are plenty of things to do in the classroom or indoors that are fun and educational. Puzzle games with a school theme such as crosswords and word searches are great on paper but can also be played with teams on the chalkboard. Hangman and bingo are traditional favorites that can get very competitive.

Award prizes or special privileges to winners but party favors should be given to all of the kids. Unique erasers, cool notebooks, markers and other school supplies are great prizes. If you want to slow things down a bit, show a movie. Pick a popular one that just came out on DVD or a good, old classic that's appropriate for young audiences.