Mother's Day

mother and daughterIn the United States, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The holiday is observed in other countries as well, however, the dates vary because the origins vary. One common denominator is the commercialization of the day, which promotes the giving of cards, gifts, and flowers in order to show appreciation. Like it or not, it's here to stay.

There are many traditional ways to celebrate Mother's Day but there's also ways to make her day unique. Usually, it's a combination of a dinner and fun activities that will give the entire family some quality time together. Ultimately, you should use the day to honor Mom and thank her for everything she's done and the sacrifices she's made.

Meal Options

One popular way to make Mother's Day special is to give Mom a free meal, either by cooking it yourself or taking her out to eat. Just how extravagant you want to is up to you but if you're dining out, make reservations because this is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants. Want something a little more laid-back and personal? Pamper her with breakfast in bed. How it's presented is part of the charm so prepare a nice tray with everything she will need along with a single bud vase with her favorite flower.

Brunch is perfect for the whole family as long as it's laid-back and relaxing. The more guests you will be serving, the more help you will need. Plan in advance and designate duties. Of course what you serve will depend upon your skills as a chef but try to pick one of Mom's favorites. Generally, if you stick with something traditional and easy to make such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast, or omelets, you will satisfy everyone and still have plenty of time to socialize.

Setting the Table

Brunch is usually preferred casual but don't cut the niceties. Bring out your good dishes, silverware, and napkins. There are many ways to adorn the table. A beautiful floral arrangement or fresh fruit basket adds color to the table and makes it look complete. Candles are very appealing, filling the room with soft light and aroma. You can get the children or grandchildren involved and have them make homemade placements or cut-out flowers for placards, something Mom will surely appreciate!

Gift Ideas

Finding a Mother's Day gift she'll love shouldn't be difficult. Traditional gifts such as cards, flowers and candy are a no-brainer and can be easily found, even at the last minute. For those of you who want to stray a little and give something more distinctive, you will find some gift ideas below that will show her just how much you care. Remember to be creative when wrapping. The presentation is just as important as the present.

Personalized Photo Album - Pack this with pictures of loved ones from the past year. Have everyone write greetings and a personal message on the front and back covers. If she loves electronics, opt for a digital photo frame that she can take to work.

Crafts and Homemade Cards - Something perfect for the kids to make and keeps them busy.

Jewelry - Not just any jewelry, but perhaps an engraved mother's ring, necklace or charm bracelet. Since these are custom made, you will need to order well before Mother's Day.

Gift Certificate to Spa - Give mother a free a day (or at least an afternoon) at her favorite spa. If that's a little pricey, have everyone pitch in and share the cost.

Magazine Subscription - This gift gives all year long. You want to make sure that your choice is one that she hasn't already subscribed to. A good pick would be a niche such as crafts, scrapbooking, or her favorite hobby.

Candles, Perfume - Since Mother's Day is a spring holiday, perhaps something with a floral scent.

Entertainment - Treat her to a night on the town with tickets to a concert, theatre, or comedy club.

Collectables - Add to her favorite collection.

Time - Nothing beats the gift of time. That means not only spending Mother's Day with her, but taking the time all year round.