Indian Summer

sunsetIf you're looking for an occasion to have a party before the autumn holidays, you might want to take advantage of a small window of opportunity called "Indian Summer." It doesn't occur every year but when it does, it's a welcome relief from typical autumn weather.

Below, you'll find many ways to enjoy summer's last hurrah. Forget that winter is just around the corner, get outside and make the most of this otherwise chilly season. Before you know it, the winds will be howling and the snow flying. It's a long ways 'till spring.

What is Indian Summer?

Before you celebrate Indian Summer you should know what it's all about. Not everyone understands because it is a weather event that affects only those who live in a climate that experiences cold fall and winter temperatures. Indian Summer is a blast of very warm or hot temperatures that occur after a frost or freeze. Usually, it happens in mid to late October and can last anywhere from one day to about a week (if you're lucky.)

The fun thing about it is that it's usually a pleasant surprise if you're not a regular listener of weather forecasts. However, if you want to plan something special for Indian Summer, it's important to pay attention and know in advance when the weather should become favorable for outdoor activities.

Celebrations and Activities

From local festivals to personal parties, there are many things to do when Indian Summer hits. It's all the more enjoyable when it happens on a weekend. Some people use it as an occasion to prepare for winter, others make it a full-fledged tradition for get-togethers and cookouts. One thing's for sure, it is a fascinating occurrence and makes a great theme for a fall festival.

The trick to impromptu parties is being prepared. Consider having a backup plan since you're at the mercy of the weather. Here's some ideas for fun fall celebrations and activities to enjoy both inside and out:


- Fall party

- Hayrack ride

- Yard clean up followed by backyard barbeque

- Pool party

- Scavenger hunt

- Evening bonfire

- Square Dance

- Shopping at sales

- Fall cleaning and preparation for winter

- Camping and cookout

- Decorating for Halloween or putting up Christmas lights

- Raking and bagging leaves

- Fall movie matinee