Halloween Parties

jack o lanternHalloween is not just for kids. Many adults love it too. In fact, many merchants can tell you that itís one of the most popular holidays, second only to Christmas. Shorter days, crisp air, and falling leaves represent the change of the season. With that brings out a little bit of the darker side in those of us who enjoy being crafty and devious. Itís one of the few holidays that allow us to explore the unknown, and better yet, be something weíre not.

There are Halloween enthusiasts everywhere who begin planning early, some working on their decorations and displays all year long. They take pride in their projects and consider it a hobby, just like any other. What sets them apart is their desire to give others pleasure, and perhaps a good scare. However, itís not necessary to spend countless hours planning a party or haunt. If youíre organized, you can host a great party that your guests will enjoy and remember for years to come. The following articles will give you ideas and tips to make Halloween party planning easy and fun.


Activities and Games
Need things to do? Get your guests into the Halloween spirit with an array of party games that will thrill and chill them to the bone.

Five Fun Ways for Adults to Celebrate Halloween
Adults are just big kids who want to have fun. Here are five ways they can celebrate the Halloween season.

Halloween Party Planning
Cute or scary, for young or old. This article tells you how to pick a theme and location for just about any type of party. Send out provocative invitations and decorate to your heart's content. Fill their tummies with delicious treats and your party will be the talk of the town on November 1st.

Murder Mystery Party
Stir up some trouble this Halloween with a murder mystery that will keep even the smartest sleuths guessing whodunit. With a little intuition and more imagination, you'll have just what's needed to set the stage for a perfect fictional crime.

Scavenger Hunt List
Get your guests out on the prowl searching for items on our list that contains only items associated with autumn and a Halloween theme.