Thanksgiving Decorating

pumpkinsThe holidays are just around the corner and we've got some fresh ideas for Autumn decorations. Between cooking and cleaning, setting the stage for celebrations can be an overwhelming task.

Our Thanksgiving decorating ideas will help you provide a festive environment for a holiday you will always remember.

Set the Thanksgiving Atmosphere

Trigger your family's senses with visual and aromatic pleasures. Autumn decorations and scents are key to setting the mood for a hardy Thanksgiving get-together.

Take a nature hike outdoors and you'll find decorations absolutely free. Acorns from trees, leaves and vines will all provide some great ideas for wreaths and decorating your house for Fall. Weave some garland or check out your local craft and hobby store for some wicker baskets and make your own colorful centerpiece. Add some miniature pumpkins, squash and Indian corn that are often sold in supermarkets, craft shops, and farmer's markets this time of year.

Find at least one decoration that will stand the test of time. It will have to be durable (perhaps store bought) and be stored properly. On the bottom, write the date it was first used. Your family will get used to this particular decoration (perhaps attached) and as the years go by, it will become a conversation piece that will bring back many Thanksgiving memories.

Holiday Scents

The cooking scents alone will provide an aroma pleasing to any guest. If you want to start early, consider some dry or liquid potpourri in a small crock pot to slowly fill the air with holiday fragrance. Candles supply beauty, a delicate scent, and an overall "homey" feeling. There are some seasonal candles available specifically for Autumn and Thanksgiving holidays. Choose adorned candleholders and jars or decorate your own with beads and acrylic paint.

Decorating the Dinner Table

Your table will look inviting with a cloth or linen tablecloth. They are readily available in Fall season patterns with bold, harvest colors. Often you can find matching napkins to complete the look. Unless your Thanksgiving dinner is completely casual, avoid vinyl tablecloths. They are best suited on a smaller table for children to minimize stains.

The most popular centerpiece choice is a fresh fruit basket. This will serve two purposes. The splendor of the basket itself brings natural beauty and color to your table, and the fruit makes a nutritional snack that will compliment to any meal. That is why they make such a popular gift. Keep in mind, if you have new guests this year, they may bring one as a gift. If you have leftover fruit, send some home with the children for an evening snack.

If a fruit basket isn't your choice, display a bouquet or basket of fresh flowers on your table to compliment your tablecloth and add color. Silk flowers are gorgeous and can be used year after year.