Fun Ways to Celebrate Grandparent's Day

grandparentsGrandparents Day is coming! The date for 2013 is Sunday, September 8th. How will you celebrate this year? Here are a few suggestions.

A Special Dinner

Parents will probably have to help with this one. Depending on the ages of the children, they may be able to do a lot of the work. They can also provide the entertainment.

A nice idea is to create a meal that consists of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s favorite foods, plus the kid’s favorites. The foods don’t have to “go together”. The idea is for the grandkids to try the grandparents’ favorites and vice versa. It’s not a formal dinner but a fun night of eating.

For entertainment, the kids can plan a play, sing songs or do dances. You can even make it a talent show with grandma and grandpa serving as judges while you clean up from dinner.

Have a Sleepover

This is not meant to be a night for the grandparents to babysit but a night when you are there to let them enjoy their grandchildren without having the responsibility of taking care of them. Some fun activities for the sleepover include:

  • Indoor Safari—you hide stuffed animals around the house. Grandma and Grandpa help the kids find the animals.

  • Balloon volleyball—this one should be self-explanatory. You can make the game more organized by creating a court in the family room or make it more fun by using lots of balloons. Watch out, grandparents can be very competitive.

  • Camp out! Indoors or out, whatever the weather allows, camping is fun for all ages. Just be sure to provide some air mattresses or cots to make the grandparents more comfortable.

  • Popcorn and a Movie—this is one of the simplest ideas. It kills a couple of hours and everybody is happy, as long as the movie is a good one.

Take a Trip

Get your kids to ask their grandparents where they would like to go on their special day. You might talk to your parents beforehand to make some suggestions. Places that kids find really fun and grandparents enjoy are:

  • Grandpa’s favorite place to go when he was a kid

  • Grandma’s favorite place to go when she was a kid

  • The place where you were born

The most important thing about Grandparents Day is spending time together. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to say, “I love you” to our favorite people. So, whatever you decide to do, do it with love.