Hiring a Disc Jockey

recordChoosing a professional to provide the music for your special occasion is one of the single most important decisions you will make in the planning process. Whoever you hire will have a great deal of control over your party, so it's crucial to find services that you're completely comfortable with. 

A Disc Jockey is a great alternative to a live band and will be able to offer a wider range of song choices among different genres. Not only that, they're usually less expensive because you won't be paying for a full band who has large overhead costs for instruments, equipment, and lodging.

Gathering Information

We all know how important organization is but enough cannot be said about communication. The best time to get all of your questions answered is during the "interview" process. Remember, D.J.s are used to different situations and will appreciate an educated decision on your part. This reduces unwanted surprises and ensures that your party goes off without a hitch. Remember that those who ask questions, ultimately, know more than most customers.

Make a list if necessary and bring a spouse, friend, or family member along for a different perspective. Besides the basics such as availability and cost, here are some tips for hiring a disc jockey and other things you will need to know:

- Who will be the D.J. at your party and who would fill in if he or she becomes ill or unavailable.

- The experience of the D.J.s - how many years and at what type of events. Whether it's weddings, birthdays, or graduations, you want someone who is very familiar with your kind of party.

- Does their music collection favor one music genre and just how much of others are available. Is it kept updated? Keeping all generations entertained is very important to the success of your party.

- How flexible the disc jockey is and if song requests are welcome. Is he or she willing to play music that you bring?

- Do they speak much and are the comfortable with announcing speeches, dances, etc.?

- Will they dress and act appropriately for the occasion? You certainly don't want a slob with bad manners to lead your wedding reception, you need a professional!

- Is there a list of references available and can you pop in on one of their jobs to check them out in action?

- If their equipment and gear are sufficient for the venue.

- If they are insured and how safety-oriented they are.

- Will they play a little longer for more money if you want to extend your party?

- Can they provide a list of music? Many disc jockeys have extensive collections and will not be able to tell you all that they have, but for some special occasions (particularly weddings,) you will need your favorite songs.

- Will they play outdoors (if that's where your party will be held) and what type of protection they will need from the sun and weather.

Sealing the Deal 

Add your own concerns to the list above and don't make a decision until all of your criteria are satisfied. If any one thing isn't right, it may be a deal-breaker. Make no assumptions. Get all of the details in a signed contract and make the down payment (if required) with a credit card if possible. Usually, things go off without any problems but you need to protect yourself if something goes awry. Again, good communication is always essential when hiring professional entertainment services for any party!